History in the making. Stories and wine well worth sharing.

The Story

It’s an ageless tale of adventure and courage – one that never grows old or out of fashion. The essence of Barrels & Drums™ selection of alcohol-free wines transcends time and crosses borders. It creates a new culture. Barrels & Drums™ inventive past celebrates the appearance of, and language spoken by, 18th and 19th century trading companies – the sailors and explorers who followed ancient trading routes across perilous oceans and over rugged terrain. Barrels & Drums™ romanticizes their adventures, and by doing so, encourages today’s consumers to stretch their own imaginations.

Be brave. Be bold. Be open-minded. Make your own history.

We have – and it’s great fun.

The Wines

Barrels and Drums wines are selected from the only the best areas and grape varieties. When we travelled the world in search of the perfect food – wine euophoria, we discovered that only the best will due. Hence, the wines selected for Barrels and Drums are all wines derived from the best possible match to food. It shouldn’t matter if you want conventional or non-alcoholic wines. Barrels and Drums will give you that great experience when matching to food.

Love food, love wine and most of all love life!

Barrels and Drums Sparkling Chardonnay

Barrels and Drums Non Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay

A non alcoholic sparking wine that is perfect as a drink or to barbequed fish. Enjoy a wine with tropical flavours and hints of citrus.

Barrels and Drums Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

A non alcoholic wine that is fresh and dry. The taste sensation is full of tropical fruits and citrus flavours for that long refreshed taste. Enjoy the wine to grilled chicken or that italian buffé.

Barrels and Drums Non Alcoholic Merlot

Our non alcoholic merlot wine packed with red berries and lovely herbs. The taste offers delicate tannins and an elegant finish gives the de-alcoholized wine a real wine sensation. This wine is made to suit that perfectly cooked beef steak or those fantastic pork chops.

The Pairing

Barrels and Drums are to be enjoyed with fantastic food. Whether you indulge in a fresh burrata sallad or dive in to that cheese platter, Barrels and Drums wines are your perfect companion. Click on the recipy to open a world of indulgence 🙂

Chicken burger with sriracha mayonnaise      Grilled pineapple & vanilla ice cream, served with caramel sauce, coconut flakes, peanuts and sea salt.       
Corn on the Cob, sweet chili flavoured cream cheese, cilantro and lime
      Grilled celeriac with lemon sour cream and Swedish summer pesto

The Philosophy

Love to the wine, vines and the soil. Our fab wines comes from chosen lands where love embraces all.

Live the life should be lived in full. Undulge in sparkling or still matters not. Live your life and embrace every moment.

Eat food and wine. Wine and food. It’s the combination that will set your tastebuds free. Our wines are made with this combination in mind and a filosophy that wines should enhance the flavours of what you eat.

Drink only the best. Wines in harmony with the plate or on its own. Our selected wines will fill your glass with a moment of pure pleasure.

Sleep well. Stay in shape and rest. Staying healthy will make the wine in your glass taste so much better.

Respect your fellow kin, the land and the animals. Let love sorround your way of life and you’ll live a happier life.

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